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Curriculum Mission Statement

Sandhill View PE department prides itself on hard work and enthusiasm. Our sporting successes come from students who show dedication and determination and a willingness to overcome challenges

Within all lessons, students will be supported and encouraged to progress, ensuring that all can aspire to reach their sporting potential. This will be achieved by developing their strengths while simultaneously improving their weaker areas. During their time involved in Physical Education, students will also come to appreciate the importance of a healthy body and mind, and develop many transferable key skills including cooperation and communication.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9, students will be provided with two 50-minute lesson of Physical Education every week, one which will take place indoors and the other outdoors.

Both lessons work on a modular system rotating every 6 weeks to allow students to experience a broad range of sports and activities. The rotation also serves to engage all students regardless of their sporting preferences.

Key Stage 4

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students are provided with between one and four lessons per week depending if they opt to gain a qualification in the subject.  At each modular rotation, they are provided with options enabling them to select the activities in which they would prefer to participate.

Students are expected at this stage to develop a wider spectrum of skills, allowing them to take on numerous roles within the Physical Education setting, including that of a coach, referee and player.

Students are also provided with the opportunity to select BTEC sport at key stage 4. GCSE Physical Education is a combination of both practice and theory, with students being assessed in three areas and completing a written examination.

Extracurricular Physical Education

Throughout their time at Sandhill View, all students will be actively encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to further their learning and advance their skill level. These are available across a range of sports, and a range of days and times, to help provide access for all students. Those who attend will also be given the opportunity to represent the school in several competitions and events and often progresses towards school representation in Area, County and even National level competition.

Progression | Further/Higher Education and Careers

Successful study of PE care at Sandhill View can open up opportunities for pupils to move onto A Level Study at our partner Sixth-Form at Southmoor or at college.

Studying BTEC sport will provide you with a solid foundation needed to work in this expanding industry. It can open you up to job opportunities within the industry such as


Some students choose to continue their education at university, completing degrees in Sports Science, Sports Coaching, Sport Exercise and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Health Promotion.  Other students choose to continue their education through the vocation route and are now successfully working in local gyms, health clubs and armed forces.

Curriculum/Course Overview

KS3 & 4 Half Term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3  Half Term 4 Half Term 5  Half Term 6
Year 7 & 8 Trampolining















(Top up swimming)







Year 9

Unit 2 -Practical sports Performance (centre assessed task)

Unit 2- Practical sports Performance (centre assessed task)

Unit 2 – Practical sports Performance (centre assessed task)

Unit 2 – Practical sports Performance (centre assessed task)

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam)

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam)

Year 10

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam)

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam)

Unit 3- Training for Personal Fitness (centre assessed task)

Unit 3- Training for Personal Fitness (centre assessed task) Unit 3- Training for Personal Fitness (centre assessed task)

Unit 3- Training for Personal Fitness (centre assessed task)

Year 11

Unit 4- Leading Sports Activities (external exam)

Unit 4- Leading Sports Activities (external exam) Unit 4- Leading Sports Activities (external exam)


Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam)

How the subject supports pupils in making progress

In PE to ensure our pupils make as much progress as possible toward achieving their targets and fulfilling their potentials, we leave no stone unturned, taking actions including:

  • A half-termly analysis of performance data
  • Half-termly action plans to identify any pupils performing below expectations and implementing measures to support them in bridging any knowledge gaps and addressing misconceptions
  • Evaluation of individual’s pupils ‘barriers to progress’ with action plans to overcome these
  • Providing effective feedback specific to the needs of each pupils to ensure their own misconceptions are addressed and they are encouraged to think more deeply about content
  • Regular and challenging homework to consolidate and extend learning, communicated to parents/carers using ‘Show My Homework’

Assessment & Feedback

In Physical Education, pupils are also given an ‘end of topic’ assessment in which they are tasked with demonstrating the skills developed both written and practically. Teachers then provide feedback on the work produced and give the pupils the opportunity to respond to the feedback, addressing misconceptions and deepening their understanding of the topic.The level of expectation then increases appropriately in Year 8. Pupils will either be working ‘toward’, ‘at’ or ‘greater than’ their age expected level. Please click here for the Computer Science Age Expected Levels

BTEC First Award in Sport

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. This course encourages personal development through practical participation and performance in a range of different sports and exercise activities.

Students will develop a broad knowledge, understanding and appreciation of health-related fitness, sports and exercise.

Candidates will study four units, three of which are internally assessed and the fourth will be assessed through a formal examination. Each unit is equally weighted and combine to create the final grade.

Formally students are assessed in the following units by either external examination or centre accessed tasks

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise (This unit is externally assessed by Pearson. Onscreen test 1 hour – 50 marks)

All sports performers want to be the best they can be. To reach optimal levels requires years of dedication to training, including successfully overcoming any barriers (such as injury) which might prevent a performer from achieving their goals. Working closely with their coach, the performer will gain an appreciation and understanding of the different fitness components, training principles, training methods and fitness tests which can be incorporated into their training regime to further enhance and improve their sports performance.

Unit 2 – Practical Sports Performance (This unit is internally assessed by the Physical Education department and externally moderated by Pearson)

Participation in sport continues to grow, as people become more aware of the benefits of physical activity. This unit focuses on developing and improving your own practical sports performance. This is achieved through your active participation in practical activities and reflection on your own performance and that of other sports performers.

This unit introduces you to a variety of different sports and, through participating in different sports, it is expected that you will develop knowledge of the associated rules, regulations, scoring systems, skills, techniques and tactics.

Unit 3- Training for Personal Fitness (This unit is internally assessed by the Physical Education department and externally moderated by Pearson)

This unit is all about you, the individual performer, training to improve and enhance personal fitness, using the training methods that are most appropriate, beneficial and engaging. This may mean training with a group of friends in a local park, or undertaking a personal fitness training programme at a local sports club or leisure centre. Whatever the setting, the design of the training programme must be tailored to meet your personal training goals, aspirations and needs. This unit supports you in achieving personal training goals. Likewise, if you already possess good to exceptional levels of fitness, then this unit will help you to develop a training programme to maintain those levels while taking the opportunity to safely explore other training methods you might not usually experience.

Unit 4- Leading Sports Activities (This unit is internally assessed by the Physical Education department and externally moderated by Pearson)

In sport it is often the performer who obtains all the admiration and acclaim for his or her achievements. However, behind most successes there is a sports leader or coach, who masterminds the performance of the highly talented sports performer(s). It is often these leaders who make the difference.

This unit introduces you to sports leadership, enabling you to start on the ladder of leadership and coaching, through delivering components of sports sessions and whole activity sessions. You will be introduced to the basics of sports leadership and then will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate your ability to lead a sports activity session or component of a session.


Mrs N Atherton – Subject Leader

Mrs Atherton has been an established subject leader at Sandhill View for a number of years.  Over this time she has grown the PE department into one with exceptional GCSE results. She has experience in the delivery of GCSE PE, BTEC sport and Sports leaders to promote as many opportunities for students at Sandhill View.

Miss S Lamb – Teacher

Miss Lamb has taught PE at both GCSE and AS level and has an excellent track of results. She has a real passion for all sports with extremely successful extra curricular clubs and sports teams. She has also established a staff training group to support teachers across the academy in their exercise classes and organises transition days with the feeder primary schools.  She also ensures Sandhill view academy complete the annual race for life which is organised on site for all students and staff to complete and coordinates the academy trust ski trip to Passo Tonale, Italy.

Mr P Wallace – Teacher

Mr Wallace started at Sandhill View in April 2005 as a trainee teacher and is still here 12 years later. During his time he has taught both GCSE PE and BTEC Sport and also ran numerous of successful school teams in football and rugby. Mr Wallace is very keen to promote a health activity lifestyle to pupils and this has had a positive impact on students around school.

Miss C Malloy – Swimming Teacher

Miss Malloy has been our swimming instructor since joining the academy in 2009.  Miss Malloy delivers swimming, personal survival and rookie lifeguard to years 7-11 and coordinates City of Sunderland swimming events with secondary school’s within Tyne & Wear. Miss Malloy also provides swimming lessons to our feeder primary schools helping strengthen the links for our primary to secondary transition. She works extremely closely to all feeder primary schools and organises regular gala’s and swimming events.

Mr M Haley – ITT student

Mr Haley began in 2015 where he originally started on a voluntary placement whilst completing his degree in sport and exercise science at Teesside university. During this time Mr Haley helped within the PE department focusing on GCSE students and also whole school mentoring. After graduating in 2016 Mr Haley is now completing his teacher training at the academy where he originally attended as a student. 

Mr Haley will fully qualify as a teacher in May 2017 where he hopes to continue teaching physical education and maintain a mentoring role. 

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