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Curriculum Mission Statement

Learning a language allows you to broaden your horizons in a world that is becoming increasingly international and accessible. Language skills are looked upon favourably by employers and higher education providers alike. Language learning can provide many future opportunities whilst also developing transferrable skills in communication, problem solving, team work and enquiry. You will learn how to express yourself in another language and develop the ability to communicate with others on a range of interesting and relevant topics. You will also get an insight into cultural differences in other countries to explore the world around you in greater depth. Learning a language can open doors to a wealth of experiences in later life.

Progression | Further/Higher Education and Careers

Successful study of a foreign language at Sandhill View can open up opportunities for pupils to move onto A Level Study at our partner Sixth-Form at Southmoor or at college. The A Level courses build on the foundations set out at GCSE to expand your skills and confidence to deal with the language in greater depth.

Achieving A Levels can open the door to Degree level study in the field of Modern Foreign Languages. MFL qualifications can be combined with and compliment a wide range of other areas of study as part of a dual honours qualification in many institutions. Prior study of languages can allow you to access advanced level study in the same language, or beginner level study in a wide range of other languages.

Having a language can increase your salary from 8 to 20% and gives you a head start on other potential employees as by speaking another language you’re vital to any company who does international business. Languages could open doors to employment in the fields of translating, interpreting, teaching, international business, marketing and the tourism industry, amongst many others.

Curriculum/Course Overview

KS3 & 4 Half Term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3  Half Term 4 Half Term 5  Half Term 6
Year 7 Foundations of French/

Foundations of German

My world / Family and pets

My school / Free time

My hobbies / School

My home / Holidays

Holidays / Home town

Year 8 Perfect tense – my weekend / Perfect tense – my weekend

Media / Healthy living

Healthy living / Media

 My identity / Travel and holidays My area / School and future plans

School and future plans / Town and home

Year 9 Foundations of GCSE French/

Foundations of GCSE German

Self, family and friends

Free time and hobbies

Home area and house Shopping and socialising

School and education

Year 10  The world of work Travel and tourism Healthy living and lifestyle Environment Technology in everyday life  Relationships
 Year 11 Future plans and ambitions Poverty and homelessness Charity and volunteer work


Revision and exams Revision and exams

How the subject supports pupils in making progress

In MFL, we work hard to ensure our pupils make as much progress as possible towards achieving their targets and fulfilling their potential in the subject.

  • Homework is set regularly, communicated via ‘Show my Homework’, to consolidate and extend the learning in class.
  • Performance data is analysed on a half-termly basis to allow for targeted and timely intervention to address pupil needs and overcome any barriers to progress.
  • Regular feedback is given to pupils to allow opportunities to make improvements and deepen their understanding.

Assessment & Feedback

At Key Stage 3, pupils are measured against ‘age expectations’ meaning that a set of expectations is established in Year 7 that we would like all Year 7 pupils to be able to demonstrate, if they are to be on-track to achieve a good grade by GCSE. The level of expectation then increases appropriately in Year 8. Pupils will either be working toward the expected standard, working at the expected standard, or working at greater depth. Please click here for the MFL Age Expected Levels

In MFL, at both KS3 and KS4, pupils are assessed in the four skill areas of listening, speaking reading and writing. We assess all four skills across the course of a term. Teachers then provide feedback on the work produced and give the pupils the opportunity to respond to the feedback, addressing misconceptions and deepening their understanding of key grammatical structures and vocabulary.


Mrs C. Osborn – Subject Leader of MFL


Mrs H. Akien – Teacher/Director of Careers


Mrs C. Curry – HLTA in MFL

Useful Links

• www.linguascope.com (username and password available from school)

• www.languagesonline.org.uk

• www.duolingo.com

• http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zhsvr82