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In the Know on Knowledge Organisers

Miss Tallentire took the time to introduce students to the concept of a ‘Knowledge Organiser’. A Knowledge Organiser is a single page document that lists the important facts that children should know by the end of a topic. It is the minimum that needs to be known, rehearsed and stored over time in the long term memory. They should be viewed as the starting point for the topic being learnt. Over the course of the topic the children will learn at a deeper and wider level.

Students will be given a new Knowledge Organiser every term so that the knowledge they need to learn is current for their learning in the classroom. Electronic copies of knowledge organisers will be uploaded to this page on our website, however maths teachers will give out paper versions of the knowledge organisers for their subject. 

Miss Tallentire explained to students the usefulness of the organisers and how to use revision techniques in order for students to store the learning they hold in they memories.