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Bess Making a Differance

Our newest member of the SHV Team is settling in well as she begins her training as a support animal for our students. Although still in the early stages of her training, Bess is already having a positive impact around school. There have already been a few occasions...
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Hoodie Heaven

As our Year 11 students begin their exams, the first release of the much coveted leaver’s hoodies was this week for students in Year 11 who have zero uniform infractions this year. Happily, this covered the majority of the year group and now many of our Year 11s...
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Uplifiting Engineering

Yesterday 60 year 9 students had the opportunity to take part in a STEM Day delivered by The Smallpeice Trust, sponsored by the RAF. STEM Days are held in school for young people in Years 8 – 11. The day was hosted by a Smallpeice Trust educator Jonathan, the day was...
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