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More Maths Bright Ideas

Sandhill View’s top Mathematicians of Year 9 visited the Common Room of the North last week to continue with their Bright Sparks Programme. They learned how to use modular arithmetic which is typically taught at Degree level! They demonstrated their amazing abilities in...
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Science Escape!

Last week in Science, students have been participating in a special ‘Escape Room’ task. Pupils were split into teams and given the task of unlocking a sequence of tricky puzzles to test their science know how. Deciphering codes using the periodic table, unravelling biology brain...
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Fundraising Theatre Fun

Last week we helped raise money for Red Nose Day 2023 by staging a special panto of Aladdin in front of a packed out theatre and delivered by our fantastic performing arts group, with help from pantomime specialist Rob Wilson Baker. Our fundraising event also included...
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