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Mental Health Matters

We welcomed representatives from the national charity ‘Mental Health Matters.’ The charity’s aims are to promote the wellbeing of persons who are experiencing mental or physical health problems or illnesses; however those problems or illnesses have arisen. Mental health...
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Global Acts of Unity

Some of our Year 10 students were fortunate to attend a presentation by Mike Haines, founder of the charity Global Acts of Unity. Mike set up the charity after his brother, David, a humanitarian aid worker, was murdered by Islamic State (ISIS) in 2014. David had been working to...
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GCSE Exams Commence

Our year 11 students began their ultimate test of their time at Sandhill View Academy. Our pupils have been working hard in revision classes to prepare for the first formal, in-school GCSE examinations in over two years. The behaviour of our year 11 group has been impeccable...
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