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Sandhill Scholars Study Sunderland University

The Scholars visited Sunderland University what a day they had! They listened to presentations about Sunderland University, toured the city campus and saw the uni students hard at work in seminar rooms and relaxing in the many cafés onsite.

In the afternoon the students received a real treat when they went to visit the ‘Living Lab’. This was an absolutely inspiring experience, and it is very evident that the university has invested a lot of funds into this area. The real-life patient simulations were simply off the charts, the students were amazed at how life-like they were – they could see them blinking and breathing, not to mention observe pulse rates. They saw a heavily pregnant manikin which apparently shows the midwifery students at the university how to deliver a baby.

Next door to these simulations they entered a simulation room where they experienced being on a moving train, working in a factory, being next to a car crash and best of all – at a disco, which they all quite literally danced for joy, including a bit of break dancing. Whilst waiting for the bus students joined hands in groups and tangled and untangled their teams. It was a real joy to watch the students have fun and learn about what their local university has to offer them and a pleasure to hear students who said they are now inspired to apply to the university. Well done Scholars!