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Introducing our New Student Council

Student voice in any school is essential and here at Sandhill View this is undertaken in a very democratic way with the year 11 students electing a Head Boy and Head Girl to be ambassadors for the Academy each academic year.  This year we are proud to have both Lewis Charlton and Lauren Donkin, year 11, in these key positions.  Both students will be ably supported by both Katrina Dodds, year 11 and Christian Robson, year 11, who were also elected by their peers as Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.

The role of Head Boy and Head Girl is one of great importance and significance in the life of the Academy.  These posts are the face of the students of Sandhill View here in school and also in our local community.  The students will represent Sandhill View at external events, will be heavily involved in the appointment of new staff, feedback student voice opinion to the Academy Leadership Team and will also be involved in a range of other activities.  The pupils act as role models for those students in younger year groups and most importantly for themselves individually will benefit from this heightened level of responsibility and experience throughout the year, all of which benefit them in their future careers.