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On this page you will find our exam timetables as well as many useful links to information you need to know both before and during your exams. Remember that there will be regular opportunities to prepare for your exams throughout the year and that you should take every chance to ensure that you are as ready for them as you can be. The harder you work to prepare yourself the more chance you will have at success!

Please refer below for further information on your exams.

Exam Timetables

Time tables for our 2017 mock exams will be available soon. Please check this page regularly. 

Exam Guidance

Click here for important information and guidance relevant to taking your exams.

Revison Guidance

Your tutors will do their best to help you prepare for your exams but you also need to take responsibility to revise yourself. We have provided a selection of useful links below to help you study, please take the time to visit them.

A word of caution on revision guides:

  • First check what course you are completing – what examination board?  What course code? The revision guides mentioned below may not be appropriate.
  • Revision guides should not be a substitute for revising from course notes, relevant textbooks and for completing past papers.
  • Revision guides are not advisable for all subjects – for subjects such as History, Music and Drama where there is a lot of choice on the specification you may find that only a small amount of the revision guide may actually be relevant.

BBC G.C.S.E Bitesize – An excellant resource to help you break down each subject into easy to understand chunks.

S-Cool  – A Great site for general revision on all subjects.

Revision Centre – Revision help for all topics.

www.waldomaths.com – Maths revision puzzles & games.

English Biz  English revision guides and help.

School Science – General science resources and information.