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Going Digital at Disneyland

Year 8 & 9 IT pupils attended the ‘Computing Live 2018!’ conference in Disneyland, Paris.  We visited the Eiffel Tower and cruised along the River Seine in freezing temperatures, on route to the seminar.

Our staff and students stayed at the Cheyenne Hotel which had been recently refurbished and displayed a cowboy theme.  The conference, was the main focus of the visit and covered: Cyber Criminals, Animation, STEM and general IT development.  Each pupil worked through an IT workbook, completing activities throughout the day using the rides and graphics within the Disneyland park itself.  This coupled with attendance at the conference, allows them all to achieve an ICT Certificate as part of their studies.

Disneyland was also celebrating its 25th anniversary and its success was reflected through its amazing parades and fireworks, enjoyed by our students during their visit.  Our pupils had a fantastic time on a very productive and enjoyable visit which was a huge success and hopefully to be repeated in 2019!

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