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Aspiration Day

The jobs market is changing and so are the skills needed to be successful in life. Robots and artificial intelligence mean that young people today need to be able to adapt quickly to these changes. Over the last few weeks students have been learning about key employability skills and how subjects develop these essential employability skills. During the course of our first careers focus day students had the opportunity to demonstrate and further develop these skills so they will be ready to compete in the fast-changing world of work.

Students were also given an insight into the many different pathways which our staff have followed throughout their careers and with this realising that learning never stops! Throughout the day all lessons were linked to the heart, whether it was learning about heart surgery, your heart rate during exercise or the heart-felt passion which artists (and teachers!) have for their work.

By the end of the day our students believed that they could achieve and that’s what we want them to do! Thank you to the Futureme representatives who joined us to help deliver lessons and seminars about career progression.