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Football Report

After comments of; ‘The world is ending’, ‘Are we really playing football in this weather?’ and ‘I’m not allowed out when its dark’, the Year 7 boys took on their first real test in St. Aidan’s A team. The game was very tight but a tricky St. Aidan’s midfielder started to open up the home side and Sandhill found it difficult to cope with the early pressure. After a few changes and instructions to the lads they began to find their feet and were playing their way out of trouble. A half time score of 0-0 was a fair result as the visitors began to dominate the second half by pinching an early goal. It then became a frenzy to match their tally. Wave after wave saw the ball go wide or taken out of play by brilliant tackles from the worrying St. Aidan’s defence. It was all to be when Mckenzie Stores found himself one on one, took it around the keeper, skilfully around another man and then took his shot, only to see his chance cleared off the line by another defender at the last possible second.
It just wasn’t to be for the lads but their resilience and attitude continues to be outstanding. Well done boys.